You are warmly invited to participate in our Music Ministry for the praise and glory of God! Music helps our community to pray, celebrate, heal, and to be inspired to go forth and act.

Like other ministries, the Music Ministry is made up of people like you. We ask you to consider whether your faith experience can be made more meaningful by using your God- given musical talents in serving all who look to our parish as their spiritual home.

Saint Paul’s Music Ministry is made up of. . .

SINGERS Those who can learn songs by reading music or hearing it in weekly rehearsals. Past experience singing with a group (not necessarily a choir) is desired but not required. Many good choir members are people with no formal musical training or experience, but they have belief in their own ability and the desire to learn choir skills.

CANTORS For those competent in their knowledge of music who are able to assume individual responsibility for leading the congregation in song, and proclaiming the Word of God as a psalmist. An audition is required.

INSTRUMENTALISTS For those proficient on a musical instrument who are able to accompany liturgical celebrations. Music is provided.  If you are so gifted, please share your gift!

PIANIST/ORGANIST Experienced pianists and organists are always welcome!
An audition is required.