Respect Life Ministry

Mission:   To promote prayer, education and formation for the defense of
                  life from conception to natural death and for the preservation of
                  the dignity of every person gifted by God with life and made in
                  God’s image.
Meetings: Quarterly Meetings from September to May at 6:15 pm in Papineau Hall.
Ministry Objectives:
·      To encourage an appreciation for the value of life at every stage.
·      To develop and disseminate material on pro-life issues.
·      To support pro-life events in the parish.
·      To celebrate Respect Life month in October.
·      To support USCCB and Dioceses development and educational programs.
·      To encourage prayer and Eucharistic Adoration in support of life.
·      To conduct seminars and/or host speakers on pro-life issues.
·      To support Birthright in providing aid to those in “Crisis Pregnancies”.
Ministry Initiatives:
·      Co-ordinate with the Knights of Columbus the field of crosses and the annual bus trip to Columbia for the State March for Life in January.
·      Schedule a monthly Mass dedicated to Respect Life.
·      Support 40 Days for Life activities including: Rosaries for Life, Life Chain, Vigil at Greenville Abortion Clinic.
·      Educate parish youth ministry on Respect Life issues.
·      Sponsor seminars to educate parishioners on all aspects of respect life.
Contact:    Joe Vuknic 864.247.4274 or email

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